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  • How and why pandemics end. Life is more than staying alive.

The Covid virus

The Covid virus is a member of the common cold and flu corona virus family that continually mutates due to a simple error-prone replicating process. One version of this family (presently Covid), normally outcompetes and displaces the others. That's why the common cold and flu are uncommon right now. Corona viruses, once released, for all practical purposes, become a permanent of part of our environment as they have animal reservoirs (infect and spread by animals in addition to humans) and therefore cannot be eliminated any more than the common cold or flu.

Each year, we hear "Did you get your flu shot?". Those never-ending annual corona virus vaccine shots (boosters) include previous flu versions and our best guess at what variant will be popular this year. The new type of mRNA vaccine is intended to reduce symptoms while doing nothing to prevent or spread the Covid-19 virus. As with annual flu shots, the high mutation rate of corona viruses enables them to inevitably find a way around already developed vaccines. Vaccine makers can chase the never-ending mutations (Delta, Omicron, Etc.) with boosters only to be faced with multiple new mutations.

Fundamental to virtually all life (including viruses) is the imperative to multiply. We witness that principle play out as viruses mutate to spread more by killing fewer of their hosts (a dead end for the virus). That is the nature of pandemics including this one.

In other words, although the corona virus family will never go away, this pandemic, like all previous pandemics, is destined to become progressively milder as it proliferates. Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, shares the good news that the Omicron variant has already mutated to achieve this outcome. Picture the ripples from a stone thrown in a pond that lessen the further the wave travels.


Understanding these principles enables us to live meaningful lives together without withdrawing in fear or mandating endless lockdowns that harm economies and separate us from each other.

We should never give up on treating any disease. We have been given a wonderfully designed immune system and great knowledge. We just need to remember that life and health are precious - not just to stay alive, but to care for, love, and help each other. We must never cease from being a connected community.

Social distancing cannot become a permanent way of life. We're gregarious - happiest and healthiest when we fly together as a flock.

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How and why pandemics end.
Life is more than staying alive.

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